Full disclosure up front: this site is not a resume.  You can find my resume on linkedIn if you’re interested. If you’re googling me as part of a recruitment process or because you’re interested in me as a consultant, everything you’re looking for will be there.

For anyone who’s left, this is just a good old fashioned personal blog – a loose collection of ideas I’ve had over the years.

As for what you’ll find here, I have been involved in social justice movements for most of my life and am particularly interested in ways to make businesses more equitable and break down barriers of class, gender, race, and ability that disenfranchise people and carry tremendous opportunity costs for all involved. It is my firm belief that an equitable workplace is a more productive one and that social justice has a positive ROI.  I also think a lot about parenting, being the best dad I can is my most important life goal.  On a personal level, I’m  interested in history, fiction, motorcycles, innovative designs, interesting and elegant code,  music, home brewing, permaculture, blacksmithing, architecture, gardening, cooking, rpgs, and good conversation with intelligent people. Blog posts may address all of those or none.

I hope you enjoy what you find.