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  • How to make girls like you

    How to make girls like you

    I often drop my kids off for school and daycare in the morning. It gives me a little more time with them, and being in management now means I have more control over my schedule than my wife, which makes it easier. Lately, I’ve often also been dropping the neighbor’s daughter as well – let’s…

  • Leadership lessons from my garden

    Leadership lessons from my garden

    Since leaving my most recent position, I’ve found myself with plenty of time to spend in my garden. The timing could hardly be better – October-December is planting season for most native plants here in California as the winter rains spur growth and renewal. For Californians who are in tune with our natural cycles this…

  • On the Ethics of Professionalism

    On the Ethics of Professionalism

    This article is a plea for human empathy, for connection, for community. For all the things that make us human. That may not come across as “professional” to some people. Which is why it’s necessary. I recently wrote a post about the true story of a father stranded on the road with his little girl,…

  • The Toddler: A Prestige class for Pathfinder RPG

    The Toddler: A Prestige class for Pathfinder RPG

    It’s an open secret that I am, to put it delicately, a gigantic nerd. One of the few pastimes that has survived becoming a father is the occasional session of Pathfinder (a D&D-based roleplaying adventure game) that I play with friends. One of the essential tools to maintain sanity is to find humor in the…

  • Be the person who stops

    Be the person who stops

    Let me tell you a true story. A father goes back to Utah where he grew up to show his three year old daughter the beauty of the high desert. As they are driving, the car breaks down. He goes to call a tow truck but his cell phone has no signal. He’s worried, but…

  • Fields of Gold

    Fields of Gold

    It can be hard wondering what each day will bring in this crazy world. All I know is that if I plant flowers, there’s a good chance that the new day will bring at least a little more beauty and a little less stress.

  • KPI’s for Life: Adding Beauty

    My son was born almost 11 months ago and is just starting to walk on his own.  Seeing him learn to stand on his own feet and the look of sheer glee on his face as explores his world is  magical.  Watching him and his big sister become more and more themselves is basically the…

  • My Daughter is not a princess

    My Daughter is not a princess

    So this last weekend my wife and I hosted a Burn’s Night dinner for a few of our friends.  It was great and we’re planning to make it an annual tradition.  My favorite part of the night was after dinner sitting in a circle drinking whiskey and having everyone recite their favorite poem (sometimes with…

  • There be Dragons!

    There be Dragons!

    My daughter took her first steps this week and my heart almost exploded.  Being a parent is something I was scared of for a long time but found myself wanting more and more.  I find it’s changed the way I think in all sorts of unexpected ways. – for example I suddenly spend a lot…

  • The do’s and don’ts of online dating, from a newlywed.

    Almost 2 years ago now I wrote a humorous (well, I thought it was funny…) blog post on taking a data-driven approach to dating.  In that post I promised to write a follow-up if I had success.  Since I got married in July, I guess it’s about time I keep that promise!  So here’s a…

  • 4 phrases men should use more

    4 phrases men should use more

    In every conversation there are things that are said, and much more that passes below the surface un-said. I’ve been thinking a lot about the words we use – and don’t use – in professional settings and the unspoken assumptions and attitudes behind those choices.

  • The art of jumping ship

    I started a new job last week and was talking to my good friend Tim O’Neil about the where’s and why’s.  He’s happy in his current position but suggested I write a follow-up to my article on what to look for in a new company addressing when to start looking for that company.  After thinking…