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  • Garlic + Whisky + Bacon = Alfredo!

    This is a new recipe, I’m still working on the proportions but it came out very nicely the first couple times I’ve prepared it.  

  • The new Mass Effect 3 Ending

    So, as you may have already guessed, I’m kind of a nerd. I’ve absolutely loved the Mass Effect games ever since the first one came out and particularly loved the way the player characters decisions shape the world around you and shape what the game world will be like not only through the current game…

  • Spyderwork

    The Spyder is the first vehicle I’ve ever owned that’s worth putting in the time (and money) to customize and I’ve been having fun with it. Tweaks so far: Added corbin seat. switched runner lights & front turn signals to led. added led lights on top, side, and rear of front wheel wells to increase…