vespertine circus

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So sunday night the lady and I were getting ready to go out to a movie when my friend lara called and asked if we wanted to go to the circus instead.

Now what kind of a question is that?  And how could we say no?

The circus in question was Vespertine Circus, doing a special show at the Vagabond Ballroom in Oakland.  The show was a little short and at $25 for last-minute tickets a little steep (would have been $15 if we’d known to get them in advance, oh well), but the performers were great.  Juggling, acrobatics, comedy, and clowns!  Vespertine is a small troupe but they’re very talented and the show was a lot of fun.  Apparently they’re getting ready to head up north on tour so if you’re in seattle or any of the other locales on their itinerary you should check them out.

But do yourself a favor and buy the tickets in advance 🙂