Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding

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This is a recipe I’ve been working on for ages but have finally perfected.

2 cubes butter
1/3 pound dark semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup raw wildflower honey, local if you can get it.
2 eggs
1.5 cups flour
shot glass full of your favorite cooking whiskey (I prefer bourbon, but you could use scotch too).

  1. Melt butter and chocolate in saucepan
  2. Add sugar, remove from heat and stir it in.
  3. Add flour, stirring constantly
  4. add eggs
  5. add whisky and honey
  6. use a little bit of soft butter or oil to coat your pan so they don’t stick.
  7. pour batter into pan.
  8. bake at 400f for 30-40 minutes, depending on your oven.  When it’s done you should be able to stick a knife in it and have it come out clean.

The result is something somewhere between fudge, a brownie, and a chocolate souffle.  It’s very rich but not over-sweet.  As you might guess this is a dessert for adults and would be wasted on children who wouldn’t appreciate it.  The combination of honey and bourbon gives the chocolate a darker fuller flavor which works well with the dense and creamy texture.