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  • Garlic + Whisky + Bacon = Alfredo!

    This is a new recipe, I’m still working on the proportions but it came out very nicely the first couple times I’ve prepared it.  

  • Desert Sunrise

    So one of the cooler things about having a couple weeks off from traveling has been getting re-acquainted with my juicer.  This week the local mexican grocery where i do most of my shopping had prickly pears (cactus fruit – sold without the pricklies) on sale 4 for $1 so I stocked up, big time.…

  • Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding

    This is a recipe I’ve been working on for ages but have finally perfected. 2 cubes butter 1/3 pound dark semi-sweet chocolate 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup raw wildflower honey, local if you can get it. 2 eggs 1.5 cups flour shot glass full of your favorite cooking whiskey (I prefer bourbon, but you could…