Desert Sunrise

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So one of the cooler things about having a couple weeks off from traveling has been getting re-acquainted with my juicer.  This week the local mexican grocery where i do most of my shopping had prickly pears (cactus fruit – sold without the pricklies) on sale 4 for $1 so I stocked up, big time.

Now I love me some prickly pear, it’s easily one of my very favorite fruits.  The big problem of course is that they’re so full of seeds they’re very difficult to eat.  The juicer solves that problem neatly because in about a minute flat I can peal and drop in 4 of them and have a cup of the most vibrant delicious juice.  Yum!  Typically I add a little bit of lime and some coconut water as well and if it’s getting toward evening a shot of rum.

The Desert Sunrise
4 prickly pears, juiced
1 lime
1 can (32 oz) coconut water
generous shot of white rum

Juice the pears, use a fork to juice the lime into that, and then add coconut water.  The sweetness of the pear and coconut will counter the lime’s tartness nicely.  Add a generous shot of white rum, shake with ice.